Tips to keep your flowers lasting longer!

Updated: May 1, 2018

1.) When you receive your flowers, make sure to check that there is enough water in the container or vase, it's always a good idea to dump the old water out and replace it with fresh water. Sometimes there is green floral foam in a design, touch the floral foam to see if it is hydrated or not, if it is dry, fill the container up. The reason you want to check, because a lot of the time florists will only put a minimal amount of water in there for delivery.

2.) Don't forget flower food! When you receive your flowers, generally a florist will pack 1-2 packets of flower food along with it. Tip: Only use half the packet, you don't want to over do it with the flower food, as too much can cause your flowers to expire.

3.) Change the water every couple of days, this helps keep the water clean and less bacteria the better, as this can reduce the amount of water your flowers drink and inevitably cause them to expire early.

4.) Make sure any foliage (leafs) are not submerged in the water, this also causes bacteria growth.

5.) Trim the ends of your stems every couple of days when you change your water, make sure to use pruners, as you don't want to crush the ends of the stems. Stems have little tubular cells that drink up the water, if you crush these, the flower can't "drink". Why do you trim them every couple days? Eventually the cells close and cutting them helps expose them again. Its like when we get a cut, eventually our bodies heal the cut and close it up.

6.) Some flowers can wilt easy, especially roses or hydrangea's, but don't you worry, you can do some flower first aid to revive them! Submerge the flowers, after trimming the stems, in warm to almost hot water, including the the bloom, and wait a couple hours to see what happens. I promise you won't be disappointed.

7.) Your flowers should last at least 2 weeks with these helpful tips! Remember, its always best to wash your containers with soap and a little bit of bleach after the flowers have expired, so that the next time you need the container it is completely sterilized and no bacteria will grow.

8.) Enjoy!